Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Lather, Rinse, Ellen

I love beauty products. Not so much makeup, since most of the time I just wear red lipstick. I love soaps and lotions, not only for the wonderful scents and combos of exotic ingredients, but for the packaging too.

Came across this British company called Original Source whose products I had never heard of, since they're not available here. This review explains the Ellen connection:

"Upon reading the back of the bottle; it provides a cute little history of the Original Source Range. The tale tells like this;
‘The Original Source range of shower products is inspired by the bush remedies of Ellen Wakeman. Daughter of missionaries in New South Wales, she disgraced her family when she ran away to join the Australian Gold rush in 1857. By means left vague in the records of time, Ellen persuaded a barber to take her on as an apprentice. While learning to shave whiskers and pull prospectors teeth, she also discovered the healing powers of the plants that grow in the outback – and became famous for her herbal cures.’ "

Unfortunately that's the only info I can find on Ellen Wakeman. Hope I can find a way to sample the stuff sometime soon.
Sounds yummy.


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