Thursday, January 20, 2005

LA in Shades of Ellen Gray

I live in Los Angeles, where show business is everywhere.

Just running out to buy a container of milk, I might see Tom Hanks or Jennifer Garner or Michelle Pfeiffer.
The dry cleaner has headshots of all of their famous customers. Even the DMV has headshots!!
Some restaurants actually close early on Oscar day and the streets are deserted. Either folks are actually at the ceremony or watching them, because they are connected in some way.

Just found this interesting blog, written by Ellen Gray, who is the entertainment columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News. The blog documents her impressions of the Television Critics Association's Winter meetings in Hollywood.

It's nice to read someone's honest opinion of this event, as opposed to the screaming, attack on your senses approach of "Entertainment Tonight" and all of its clones.


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